Early Out Services (EOS)
Early Out Services(EOS) provides an extension of the business office to better manage your receivables. The EOS program maintains first-party relationships with your patients, thus keeping the process seamless. All programs are highly customizable.

- Self-pay outsourcing
- Self-pay residual balances from commercial insurance and Medicare
- Pre-collect programs
- Long term payment plan monitoring programs
- Statement printing and mailing programs
- Charity eligibility qualification & documentation
- Denial management services
- Commercial claim resolution services
- Managed care
- Worker’s compensation
- A/R conversion and transfer services

EOS Outsourcing Services provides customized solutions for all or partial outsourcing of several areas of the patient financial services department. Programs are designed to provide effective business management services to streamline information processing and billing/reimbursement workflow, reduce outstanding receivables, and increase cash flow.

PayMed Solutions delivers the financial results and accountability that today’s healthcare organizations demand. Our reporting mechanisms are tailored to your exact needs and preferences.